Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fame...Well, a page in the Oldham Evening Chronicle

I think it's something on everyone's wish article on them is published in the Oldham Evening Chronicle!

The interview was conducted over the telephone by Lewis Jones, and the paper's photographer insisted on a couple of "action shots".  The photo looks alright, apart from the way the wind is throwing my chin forward, but no matter.  It gets the message across regarding the running challenge, the good work the JDRF undertake and the justgiving address.  They mis-spelt that, so i'm hoping it's correct by the time the free edition comes out on Thursday. I hope they lose the "Tom Robinson 2-4-6-8" headline as well.  I'm always associated with the man for some reason.

Dave Porter, Editor of the Saddleworth Independent Monthly Newspaper has promised to publish an article for next month's edition, which shall be out in the first week of July.

Runs: Tuesday - 6.4 miles, Wednesday - 6.2 miles

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