Sunday, 19 June 2011

Support comes from unlikely places

Last week, around the same time that I sent out the usual "begging" email to work colleagues and a link to my justgiving page to my facebook friends, I decided to approach major sports manufacturers and retailers as well as a a few small, independent businesses. I thought there would be a better take-up if I requested an item of merchandise rather than to outright as for money donations.  It's a mark of the times then, that the first one to respond, and pledge support should be from a small, family-run business based in a village in Hampshire.

A3 sports is run out of a small store in the centre of Liphook, the village where I grew up and lived for nearly twenty years - and where my Mum and Dad still live.  It was a shot in the dark that I should approach them to help me with my training in support for a plug in any press or media I undertake as the challenge progresses.

Beth Marr from A3 Sports sent me one of the nicest emails, pledging to design some t-shirts for me to wear - I'm most grateful and plan to take her in a bunch of flowers when I am next down visiting my parents at the end of July.  Their website is

I've also had a promise of some gear to keep me "cool, dry and warm" during the next couple of months whilst undertaking the runs.  Many Thanks to Helly Hansen, who have broken their "don't normally do must understand the amount of requests we get...etc etc" rule to support me.  A parcel is on it's way to me from their depot in Holland, I'm told...

JJB Sports have said "No", however Mark, from their base in Chorley phoned and told of his experience with type 1 diabetes when his 10 year old son was diagnosed in January this year.  We have agreed to join forces and help each others' fundraising, sharing tips and best practice in managing Type-1 Diabetes.

It's getting interesting...

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