Monday, 20 June 2011

The Floating Light

6.8 miles this morning.  I had a day of back to back interviewing, so again it was vital that I was up and out on the road before 4:45am today. I've got a good route that takes me down into the next village, Dobcross, and up over Standedge.  It's a great sight to see the sunrise from one of the highest points in the Parish - opposite the house which was once a pub "The Floating Light".  I have extended a previously shorter run to take in this local landmark, and joining the cutting at Brun Clough Reservoir and heading back down the boat lane for home.

I've also had a couple more donations on the justgiving website - Thanks Richard and Kirsten.

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  1. Keep it up Tom. How far would you get if you added them all together and travelled as the crow flies? I could work it out myself, but I'm tired after reading of your escapades....This is Edwards by the way, for some reason I chose the name T Collier. Must've been watching the likely lads at the time