Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week One

I've now finished week one and 8 of the 100 runs.  Whilst hardly a great milestone, it's given me some satisfaction that I have been able to do the 6.2 miles every day on one of the busiest weeks I have known at work.

I have been undertaking interviews for new working coming into our office, for which I need to be in earlier, so I have been getting up at around 4:15am-4:30am to fit in the run, then a quick dog-walk before setting off for the office.  On Thursday, I needed to be on the first train to London from Manchester Piccadilly.  Rising at 3:15am wasn't really the best preparation for that evening's run - but despite the lashing rain, I got my head down and got on with it.

I'm changing the route each to add some variety - here are the miles for last week:

Sunday 12th: 7.5 miles
Monday 13th: 6.2 miles
Tuesday 14th: 6.2 miles
Wednesday 15th: 6.2 miles
Thursday 16th: 6.4 miles
Friday 17th: 7.5 miles
Saturday 18th : 6.4 miles
Sunday 19th:  6.3 miles

I've been passed some good advice from Colin Bishop, an experienced fell runner, Coach and member of the Saddleworth Runners.  "Take time to stretch before and after each run and warm up before setting off". I'm grateful for any advice - it makes a change from "Are you mad?" and "You want your head looking at!".

On Tuesday, I had my photo taken for an article that will appear in a future edition of Saddleworth Extra, one of the local free papers.  I have interviews set up with and the Saddleworth Independent in the coming week.

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