Friday, 24 June 2011

Pressing on

There's more press this week, with the original Oldham Chronicle article reprinted for the freesheet, Saddleworth Extra and the great write-up on the local news website,

Richard Jones, the Editor popped round on Wednesday evening, and we chatted about the challenge and also how popular the website is.  He recorded our interview, which was also put out on his website - there was an uncomfortable pause where the cat jumped onto the kitchen table, she was just being nosey and put me off my stride slightly.  He has agreed to keep his readers updated on my progress - thanks again for your time Richard.

Many people at work are also being very encouraging, asking about the running and walking away shaking their head.

Thursday run (12/12) - Diggle to Dobcross and up to The Floating Light and Brun Clough. 6.4 miles
Friday's run (13/13)- as above 6.4 miles.

I nipped into Helly Hansen to browse what may or may not be coming over in the post next week.  The range of gear designed to keep you cool looks very smart.  I got myself a new NB zip-up short-sleeve top to replace the one I lost at last year's Great South Run.  All very well thinking about gear to keep me cool, it's lashing down with rain at the moment, so the jacket is on standby for tomorrow's run.  As it's the weekend, I'll go for afternoon runs to take advantage of extra rest time in the morning.

The Saddleworth Extra must have experienced a slow news week, as my story has been upgraded to the front page.

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