Sunday, 7 August 2011

Thank you to the Roebucks

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Julia Roebuck's Sister in Law, who arranged a very nice surprise for me when I was passing on Shaw Hall Bank Road on the run this morning.  Julia, who's today's run is dedicated to her son Alex, had asked when I would be passing on that route, so I gave her a rough estimate of around 9:30.

I planned to do the 6.4 mile route from Diglea to Friezland Church and back, taking in Dobcross and Uppermill.

As I passed Friezland Church, I kept my eye out for anyone loitering around the house where Julia had told me her relatives live, but nothing.  I carried on running, however caught sight of the time when I was passing Greenfield train station - I was at least 15 mins early.  I ran down top the top of Chapel Road, then turned back and did another lap back down to the church.  This time I noticed there was now a huge banner tied to the railings outside the house with "WELL DONE TOM" and "RUN 58" emblazoned in huge font.  I also got a wave as I ran past.  To say this gave me a boost is an understatement.  I was grinning from ear to ear, and finished the last 3.5 miles at race pace - a real high.  Thank you Roebucks - I really appreciated that!

I'm so glad I turned back and did the extra lap.  The kindness and support was amazing - and from people I don't know, I've only communicated with Julia, and she picked up on the link to my blog as it had been posted on twitter by another mum who received an earlier dedication.

Today's run - 7.4 miles, dedicated to Alex Roebuck and thanks again to all the Roebucks for your support

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