Thursday, 4 August 2011

Today's run is dedicated to Imogen Keywood

I'd like to dedicate today's run to young Imogen Keywood.

Imogen's Mum, Teresa told the JDRF 1 Campaign :

"My baby daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at just 15 months old, and it has totally changed our lives. There is a huge amount of ignorance when it comes to type 1, and nobody understands how dangerous type 1 is and the difficulties that you come up against on a daily basis. Having children is a huge responsibility in itself, but having a child who has type 1, you are faced with fears and worries daily that most people do not ever have deal with in their whole life. Insulin injections just keep type 1 diabetics, it does not cure this dreadful life threatening illness.  There needs to be more government funding for type 1, so that there can be research into finding 1 the prevention to type 1, and 2 the cure. All type 1 should be entitled to have the choice of an Insulin Pump that tightens control, and thus gives type 1 sufferers a better, healthier and longer future. An Insulin pump should be standard to all type 1 sufferers. There should also be more awareness. Although Type 1 is rare in children under the age of 4, it is becoming and more frequent illness with more children being diagnosed at a younger age."

Imogen is now 2 and a half years old and I'm proud to dedicate today's run to both Imogen and her family.

Read the scrapbook entry at:'s+liv&page=12&profile=172

Today's run - 6.4 miles
Yesterday's run - 7 miles

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