Sunday, 7 August 2011

Today's run is dedicated to Alexander Roebuck

Today's run is dedicated to Alexander Roebuck. Julia, Alex's Mum contacted me a couple of weeks ago by email after coming across the blog:

"I've just found your 100 runs blog and wanted to email to say thank you for doing this. My son Alexander was diagnosed T1 in June last year aged 11 months, and well, I don't need to tell you how it's affected our lives since, because you already know yourself being a parent of a T1 child. It was extra hard him being a baby, and things didn't settle down until he was 18months old.  My husband Steve grew up in Greenfield. I've made my husband a Saddleworth exile - we live in Devon now but he is enjoying looking at the photo's on your blog of all the places he knows - you can take the man out of Yorkshire, but you can't take the Yorkshire out of the man!"

Alex Roebuck
 Julia told the "Input me" website about Alex and living with T1:

Alex was diagnosed at 11 months old and we took the offer of a pump straight away being fans of technology. The pump enables Alex to have a normal life as possible with diabetes. Because he is so young, he needs fractions of units of insulin and the pump is the only way we can administer this. He can eat what he wants, when he wants, and the temporary basal helps keep his blood glucose under control if he is more or less active in the day. We sometimes use continuous glucose sensors, and set the pump so the basal is automatically cut off if he drops too low, which is very re-assuring at night. We couldn’t imagine using any other way to treat his diabetes"

Read more at:

Steve has developed the Easy Diabetes App for the iPhone and iPod touch, which helps you quickly and easily record all the information required to enable you to manage your diabetes.
All details can be entered on a single screen, so that you don't have to keep swapping between many screens.
Only the details that you have logged are displayed on the daily log meaning that its kept clear of un-used settings.
Highs and Lows are clearly marked colourful icons to let you quickly assess your levels for the day.
You are in control of what ranges of Blood Glucose levels your aiming for, so that you can set the system to display your exact requirements.

Features include:

  • Log Insulin,
  • Log Blood Glucose
  • Log Ketones
  • Log Notes / Comments
  • All data defaults to current date and time, which can then be simply updated.
  • All of your entries can be emailed out directly from within the Easy Diabetes as simple tables, and / or as CSV files that can then be imported into a spreadsheet application.
  • You can set your own ranges for blood glucose levels, these levels are then used to indicate if your higher, lower or on target for your desired range.

As you can see by the screenshot above, Steve has set the usual advert banner, which is a vital source of revenue to link this blog for today, so I'm really grateful for this - thanks Steve.
I'm proud to dedicate today's run to young Alex, Julia and Steve.

I extended the run to 7.4 miles (details to follow in the next blog post) - There was a nice surprise waiting for me outside 36 Shaw Hall Bank Road - Thanks Roebucks!

Tomorrow I take the challenge to France for 10 days, so the blog entries may become less frequent, however the running will not.

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