Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Taking the challenge north of the border

I've just got back from 2 days working away in Edinburgh.  I'd already given some thought around how to fit in the running whilst away, the main concerns were around logistics (If I leave Diggle at 5am, then I'm going to have to run in the evening in Edinburgh, then early the next morning...etc) and the new route.  I'd taken a rough estimate of the route by visiting http://www.mapmyrun.com/ and plotting at least 6.2 miles starting from the hotel.  My boss Scott Taylor is based in Edinburgh, and a sporty type.  He's also a "numbers man" through and through, so if ever I tell him of different runs I've been on in the past he's always quick to ask me what time I did, and then he's judge if this reached his approval.  I was looking forward to a run out with him, and we were all set for a 5:30pm start yesterday.  I sprinted back from the hotel to meet Scott outside the office.  I wasn't too worried that he wasn't there as his timekeeping leaves a lot to be desired at the best of times, however knew he'd cancelled when he sent a colleague, Ashley outside with a map of where I should run that she'd kindly printed out for me.  Scott had forgotten his daughter's birthday cake and needed to rush off to get one.  The toad.

Ashley's a keen runner, and I understand our team up here used to have a regular running club most weeks, so I knew she'd send me out on a decent route.  Thanks Ashley - much appreciated the old skool map...

The route took me from the Gyle Business Park, up through Corstophine, the Park, Glasgow Road and back - 2 laps reached 6.6 miles.  I followed the route again early this morning, but cut out the park bit and clocked up 6.2 miles (involved running round the Novotel car park until I hit the required mileage!)

I've had lots of sponsorship on the just giving page over the past couple of days, so thanks to everyone who has donated - Hazel, David and Margaret, Steve from Liphook, Brendan, who I met in the office today - a top bloke and looking forward to meeting up for a run next time I'm up in Edinburgh.  Lastly a big thank you to Sam Broom, who until 6 weeks ago used to be on our team and is now a lady (always a lady) of leisure before embarking on her business venture with her husband Steve.  Sam has donated a nice slice of her redundancy money to my cause, and I'm very grateful to her for this.  I won't let you down, Sam - remember to call in next time you are in the area visiting Steve's Mum.

It was nice to spend time with my colleague and good friend Jaci Morton, who has given me lots of encouragement throughout my challenge.  Jaci is super-fit - attending gym classes every day and has recently discovered the joys of extreme hill walking and climbing.  In September, she and 8 friends are taking part in a 12 hour spin challenge for Erskine Hospital - their team is the Sweaty Bettys.  Their sponsorship page is www.justgiving.com/sweatybettys12hourspin A great cause and one that deserves to raise plenty of cash.

Although it's only been 2 days, I'm glad to be home with Carolyn and Jake and looking forward to gazing at the hills of Wharmton, Alphin and Pots and Pans over the next 5 days, then the challenge moves across the channel...

View from the war memorial, Pots and Pans

Yesterday's run - 6.6 miles
Today's run  - 6.2 miles

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