Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Running in Ireland

I'm back in rainy Saddleworth after a very nice time away in the Emerald Isle.  We stayed at my Mother-In-Law's and took Pat's family with us.  Carolyn, Jo and the kids are still there, as the men came back early due to our work commitments.  We took in Castles, Heritage Tours, Irish Folk dancing and, yes running.

As well as 4 local road routes, we ventured out to both Loch Gur and the Ballyhoura Mountains for the trail runs.  Loch Gur started off in comedy style, when we realised we couldn't run round it.  We should have asked in the visitor centre before setting off with merry abandon.  Thistles, stinging nettles and electric shocks were our punishment for trying to be clever.  I had the GPS on hand to track the miles, and we had to do 3 final laps around the edge of the loch to bring in 6.3 miles.  If any readers find themselves in County Limerick, then you really should visit, especially the heritage centre.

Loch Gur

The next adventure out was on Saturday when Pat and I drove to the Ballyhoura Mountains, which have many trails and fantastic views over both counties Limerick and Cork.  The climb up around Black Rock was pretty intense, yet we were rewarded with the best views of the area - really lovely.  Ann recommended it, as she has been there during her training for last year's Mont Blanc trek for JDRF with Carolyn.

Black Rock Edge
View over County Cork at the trig point

Here's the log:

Weds 24th - 6.3 miles (number 75)
Thurs 25th - 6.5 miles (number 76)
Fri - 26th - 7 miles (number 77)
Saturday 27th - 7.1 miles (number 78)
Sunday 28th - 7 miles (number 79)
Monday 29th - 6.3 miles (number 80)

Today's run - 6.3 miles (number 81)

All in all, a fantastic trip - many thanks to Ann and Hauly for their hospitality, Carolyn and Jo for allowing us out for the longer trail runs, the boys for keeping us on our toes with the disputes over who's turn it was next on the DS.

Most of all a thank you to Pat for running with me on what was supposed to be a nice relaxing break.  It can be pretty boring running alone, and it says something that even by day six we still had plenty to talk about, encouraging each other and the like.  Cheers Pat!

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