Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Trombone Trail

For run 57, we (Pat and I) decided to take to a route that we know as the "Trombone Trail".  The basic route is to start at Dove Stone Sailing Club, run up to Chew Reservoir, over to Laddow Rocks, and along and over Black Hill, ending the route on the Isle of Skye Road by the "Snoopy's Big Bite" van.

This involves some serious logistics - dropping Pat's car at Snoopy's, and me taking Pat in my car back down to Dove Stones to start the trail, and so on.

It came to be named "Trombone Trail" in honour of Raff, the trombone player in Innviertler Wadlbeisser, a fantastic Brass Group, who my Father in Law promotes in this country.  They came over last year for a series of gigs in Huddersfield, Marsden and Diggle. Raff was keen to come out on a run with Pat and I.  We did this route, however took longer than we thought and knew were on a tight timeline to get Raff back to play a lunchtime gig at the Conservative Club in Uppermill.  It turned out that we got Raff back to the Con Club, sweating and stinking and he hopped out of the car, grabbed his trusty trombone and started straight away with the group, after running 9 miles on the fells, still wearing the "five-fingers" shoes - what a trooper!

Innviertler Wadlbeisser are a great act - and should be seen whenever you get the chance. Check out their website at or take a look at the clips on You Tube - you will not be dissapointed!  So Raff - the route has a name in your honour, Sir!

That's Raff, 3rd from the left
We made good time up to Chew Res and made very light work out of Black Hill, Pat set a good pace and he got the first round of pepsi's and teas at the van back at Dove Stones.  Cheers Pat!

Sailing Club at Dove Stones

Chew Res

Laddow Rocks
Black Hill trig point

Tea in the Carriage House later...

Today's run, for Emily Brown was 9 miles

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