Monday, 22 August 2011

Running with Gareth and Frank

An evening run today, and it was a faster-pace one at that.  Gareth and Frank are both running with me on the final 100th run, next month's Bupa Great North Run, so this evening's run was a tester for me to keep up with their pace.  I'm sure Frank is half machine, the way he shot up Friezland Lane towards the Bridle path that led us out to Mossley Hollins School and down to Micklehurst, before heading up to Top Mossley, Grasscroft, Greenfield and back to Uppermill.  It felt good to be tested, as when I'm out on my solo runs, it's easy to fall into a comfortable pace, then stay like that until the end of the run.  I led a couple of times, although I wasn't sure if it was adrenalin kicking in on my part or the others had dropped back to make me feel better...Either way it was a really enjoyable run and clocked in at 8 miles.

Thanks to Gareth and Frank for the company and pace setting.  The speed I thought I lost during the runs in the heat in France has returned, along with the fire in my belly!

Yesterday's run - 6.3 miles
Today's run - 8 miles

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