Friday, 2 September 2011

The challenge reaches national media

As I motor towards that magic number 100, I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some kind support that has been offered in the past week.

First of all, a work colleague, Paul Moult popped over to see me on my first day back in the office on Tuesday, and promptly presented me with a small plastic cup full of coins.  This was the proceeds of a cake sale he arranged on the spot whilst I was away, to test out the public's reaction to his wife Amanda's home-made cupcakes.  Paul brought in the cakes as a dry-run before selling a larger batch on the next extra dress down day they are holding to raise money for the JDRF on 14th September.  Amanda offered a variety of flavours: strawberry candy cake, chocolate orange and flying saucer with crackle candy butter cream.
They all sound very nice and I'd like to thank Amanda for donating the cakes - her website for this sideline is

I'd like to thank Gaz and Frank for another good set of runs, where the pace has been raised, and we'll get to see if this has had any effect on our performance this Sunday when we all will be competing in the Tameside 10K.  I'll be wearing the "Team Pingu" vest, of course.  Gaz had his cast removed today, to be replaced by a splint so he can perform in this Sunday's race and the Great North on the 18th.  I'll be dedicating this Sunday's race to Jane Grove and her Husband, who was recently diagnosed with T1 - more details on Sunday's blog entry.

Gaz, on the last run with that cast...

Many Thanks to Beth Marr at A3 Sports in Liphook, who had sent up a batch of her specially designed t-shirts (which somehow didn't reach me) so she is going to get a couple up to me in time for the GNR.  I'll drop her in something nice when we are down next week for my sister's wedding (getting excited!).

Lastly a big thank-you to Tina Chantrey, who picked up on my challenge and declared me an "Inspirational Runner", and dedicated a page on the challenge in the latest issue of "Running Fitness" magazine.  Thanks Tina - anything to raise awareness of JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes.  My dear old Mum rushed out to get a copy of the magazine and left a lovely message of support, and good old Dad has done a sterling job to spread the word of the challenge, which is very much appreciated.

Weds - 6.2 miles
Thurs - 6.7 miles
Fri - 6.3 miles

Onwards, and indeed upwards...

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