Saturday, 17 September 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Thursday evening saw my last run with Gaz and Frank until Sunday's GNR.  I've really enjoyed the runs around Mossley, Dovestones and Lydgate with them during the challenge.  They are both younger and fitter than me, so their pace is always good to test older legs (mine), and the banter is good too.  On Sunday they are both running for the stroke association, their justgiving site is - show your appreciation and drop them a donation.

Yesterday at work, I could tell it was payday.  I had Claire, Donna and Brett present me with crisp notes not long after I had switched on my pc.  Leanne & Craig, Phil, Mark, Charlotte and Alex (who used to work with us) a while back all contributed on the justgiving site, so thanks all! It's really competitive at work to get sponsorship, as their is an "Apprentice Challenge" taking place all month to raise as much money for various charities.  One such team is the Credit Review team, based in Southend who have chosen to raise money for JDRF. Headed up by Lauren King, the team were unsure of who to raise money for, and spoke to a friend of mine, Sarah Brown - who's son Ryan has type 1 and I dedicated run 50 to him.  Sarah is providing the team with JDRF/Diabetes Power posters and was influential in them choosing JDRF.  They are selling cakes and treats, conducting a sponsored silence, leg waxing - with consent, I'm told, and a charity raffle.  Good luck team and when you have your photo and justgiving site, I'll promote on here for you!

Louisa Sampson from the JDRF Press Office has arranged for me to be interviewed by BBC Newcastle around 9am, I also have the team JDRF group photo before getting in zone D and running like the wind!

I'm really looking forward to today's run.  On the last leg, I'm phoning home where Carolyn and Jake will then make their way to the bottom of the boat lane so Jake can run the last 200 yards with his Dad.  I'll update the blog to take in run number 99 later this afternoon.

Thursday's run - 7.4 miles
Friday's run - 6.2 miles

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