Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Two Fat Ladies

So we reach run 88.  It was an evening run with Gaz and Frank, and we extended it to include both Friezland Lane , Top Mossley and up through Lydgate, heading back down through Greenfield and into Uppermill via the Bridle path.  At the start, I felt sluggish if truth be told.  I dropped back to a comfortable pace, however shot past them post desperate for somewhere to stop for a wee.  A van in the car park of the Farrah's Arms was my salvation, and we ended on 8.6 miles.

We're adding more miles in the run up to the Great North, so I'll be out with them again on Thursday, and with Pat tomorrow night.

Yesterday's run - 6.2 miles
Today's - 8.6 miles

I was thinking today - what am I going to celebrate with?  A glass of fizz? An ice-cold beer?

If I could transport The Diggle Hotel to South Shields, I'd really like one of these:

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