Saturday, 17 September 2011


So here we are then.  That's 99 done with just one run remaining.  It's been really worthwhile, although I may not think that tomorrow when I'm approaching mile 10.  Here's why:

1) I've raised nearly £1,570 on my just giving site with donations in cash from work colleagues, friends and family (thanks must go out to my Mother-Law Ann who sent me a very generous cheque along with a lovely card this morning). My Mum and Dad got the ball rolling with a generous donation on my site, and I had many friends of my sister Lucy's who donated after she encouraged them to do so.  My brother in Law, Mike made a lovely gesture by mentioning the challenge in his wedding speech and encouraged the guests to donate to my cause. This money will go direct to JDRF, the leading charity dedicated to funding the research to find a cure for type-1 diabetes.

2) I've come into contact with some amazing people -Parents of children who have been diagnosed at both Jake's age and much younger, some with other underlying conditions to treat as well as type-1 diabetes, as well as Adults who either have lived with type-1 for many years themselves, or have been recently diagnosed.

3) Parents who take action and get involved with campaigning, setting up groups such as Diabetes Power,  and those who campaign for against decisions to cut funding for beneficial medicine for those living with type 1.  Those who live with type-1 and act as JDRF T1 Ambassadors - sharing experiences and encouraging others to get involved.

4) Raising awareness of T1.  There are around 20,000 children living with T1, and they all do brilliantly in accepting they will have this for the rest of their lives, or until a cure is found.

5) I've had some good press in the Oldham Chronicle, Saddleworth Extra (thanks Lewis), Saddleworth News Online (thanks Richard),  Manchester Evening News, Saddleworth Monthly, Northern Running Guide Online, Running Fitness Magazine (thanks Tina).  This has been possible with the assistance of Louisa Sampson from JDRF's Press Office, thanks Louisa.

6) I've been the recipient of kindness from Helly Hansen, in particular Jax, who decided my challenge was worth a punt and provided me with a full running kit.  Rainbow Running also sent on 2 tops (thanks Michael) and as I've mentioned earlier in this blog, Beth and Nigel Marr of A3 Sports of Liphook were fantastic, and I'll wear their t-shirts with pride tomorrow.

7) Everyone has been really encouraging.  Friends old and new, neighbours and strangers - I've been really touched.

8) It's very hard to get recognition on Twitter.  I've had a couple of RT (retweets) and attracted a modest following, however I don't think my challenge has been given the "wow factor" on twitter the newspapers gave it.  I tried requesting RT's (modern "shout-outs") from Great Run (organisers of tomorrow's race), and the top running stars, as well as 5live, but so far nothing.  I'll give it one last go later then knock it on the head and use twitter to send messages to my mate Edwards.  All my friends on facebook have been great commenting on my posts and "liking" my status, even though they must be sick to the back teeth with me going on about the 100 runs challenge.

9) The running has ensured I stuck to the training.  I've really enjoyed the feeling you get when you know you've made progress.  My "Hill Legs" will be my secret weapon tomorrow.  I'm most grateful to Patrick Warrington, Colin Bishop, Gareth Dean, Frank Buckley and Mick Sheehan, who have supported me by joining my runs and given me some great advice and encouragement.  Take to the streets and Map My Run were valuable, as was Ann, my Mother-in-Law who assisted with routes to around Loch Gur and the Ballyhoura Mountains.

10) Last of all, the biggest thank you goes to Carolyn and Jake.  I must admit I had doubts about the feasibility of the challenge myself, but to have their support has been truly wonderful.  They've accommodated my challenge throughout weekends away, holidays in France and Ireland.  I've lost count of the amount of times I woke Carolyn up by mistake (and trying to be quiet) getting up at some silly hour in the morning because I had a hectic day at work and needed to be in the office early.  Carolyn also has had to put up with me disappearing in the evenings to type up the blog.  Thanks for arranging the massage at run 50, and for everything you have done. Jake has been so sensible and mature beyond his 7 years in living with type 1.  He agreed to run the last 100 yards of today's 6.2 mile run.  He's the inspiration and my reason for banging on about why things have to change.  I dedicate run number 100 to you both.

Run 99.  Driving rain and Jake joins me for the last 100 yards

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