Sunday, 4 September 2011

Today's run is dedicated to Jane Grove and her partner Tim

Jane is a good friend of my sister, Lucy and she has been very encouraging and supportive with my challenge.  Jane ran in the 10K in Portsmouth in July and will be running in the Great South Run in October for Diabetes UK. Jane told me:

"Tim was diagnosed just a year ago with type 1 at the age of 41 and is still very much up and down with keeping it under control. Luckily he seems most of the time to get it right but it is something we have to think about all the time, heaven only knows how you manage with your son! Even just a change of routine like our holiday has an impact on blood sugar levels! Funny how our holiday brought it home to me how much diabetes can affect daily living."

It is pretty rare to be diagnosed with type 1 at Tim's age and as anyone living with type-1 will tell you, it's a  life-changing diagnosis.  I read a statistic that out of around £50million spent on raising awareness of Diabetes, only £6 million was allocated to type-1.
Jane and Tim are due to be married on New Year's Eve.  I look forward to meeting them at Lucy's wedding next Saturday.

Donate to Jane's fundraising at:

In a couple of hours, I'll be shuffling up to the start line of the Tameside 10K for run number 86. 
I am proud to dedicate today's run to Jane and Tim.

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