Thursday, 8 September 2011

Down to the last 10

At work today I was asked by a colleague "How many runs have you done now?" It felt good to say, "90, just 10 left to do..." I was taken back to June when I was looking back on having run the first ten, but feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to do it again for the next 90 days.

Last night was quite possibly the worse weather I've been out in since the challenge got under way.  It wasn't just a drop of rain.  It was hardened, northern rain, pelting down on my soft, southern skin.  I met Pat at the foot of the boat lane and we trotted up towards Brun Reservoir.  It may have been the effects of all this running, or the increased urgency in knowing a thunderstorm was brewing, but our pace was quick and sprightly for an evening run.

As we ran across the skyline (see below) looking down onto Castleshaw, we were blown all over the shop, and the wind was flicking up water from the reservoir below which made the run a bit more exciting, if somewhat more wet on top of the driving rain.  We were asked directions by some hikers who were walking the Pennine Way.  "Diglea is that way" we shouted above the rain.  I hope they weren't camping.

We got back, soaked to the skin, but feeling like we could do all 8 miles again - in worse weather.  That's the feeling you get at the end of a run - a real high - and it's legal!

I have planned my next 4 runs in advance due to Saturday being my dear sister's wedding.  I'm looking forward to meeting up with friends and family, and getting down to 94 runs by the time we are back home.

I finally got the hang of twitter, after some expert tuition from my sister Lucy and JDRF's Press Officer Louisa. My "handle" is 100runs4jdrf  I got a "RT" (re-tweet) from Iwan Thomas this morning, which helps spread the word of the challenge and awareness of Type-1.  I think I'll pester Paula Radcliffe next.

Yesterday's run - 8.1 miles
Today's run - 6.2 miles

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  1. Hey Tom, here are some more runners on Twitter - see if they can help :)

    @girlwhatruns (Liz Yelling)
    @clitherbot (Helen Clitheroe)

    Good luck for Sunday - heading over to your sponsorship page later x