Saturday, 3 September 2011

Running partner for number 99

Run 85 completed.  I chose the Diggle-Dobcross-Scouthead loop, and at 6.7 miles it's good to get it over with as early as possible on the weekend.  When I got back from the run, Jake was asking about what is going to happen on run 99.  I haven't given it much thought to tell you the truth, except I am proposing to do the bare minimum in preparation for the Great North the day after.

However since noticing his picture in Running Fitness magazine, it seems Jake has taken a keen interest in the runs and asked "You know when you do your 99th run? Well can I run some of it with you?" When I said, yes, I would really like that, he replied "Well, I'm just considering it...for now"

I know I have spoken about many highs that this challenged has given me, however this must be up there with the best of them.  It'll be great to run back down the Boat Lane and meet Jake halfway down and run together for the last few hundred yards.  The last time we ran together was in the Great Manchester Mini Run at Man City's Stadium, I really enjoyed it - so I'm looking forward to running down the Boat Lane towards home with the pair of us in our JDRF vests.

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