Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Down to the last five...

Run number 95 this evening.  I was joined by Mick, Gaz and Frank and we ran from Uppermill through Greenfield, around Dovestones Reservoir and back up around the Greenfield loop to Uppermill again.  Mick has run the Great North a few times and has managed and owned the local gym for years before moving into the Senior care business.  It was good to go out with a group, and it made me feel pretty well supported, although I was at least 2 or three paces behind the others for most of the run.  I started off feeling nauseous, but hid it from the others, then when we were running back round the Greenfield loop my left ankle started to ache.  It turned out to be just a twinge of something, but I had to see the funny side, given I was telling Mick I'd had no injuries since the challenge started in June.

We got pretty soaked in the downpour on the way back to Uppermill, but we are just preparing ourselves for rain on Sunday if needs be. 

A follow-up story appeared in tonight's Oldham Chronicle, which is good to let people know the challenge is nearly over (i.e I saw the challenge through and didn't just disappear with the free running gear from Helly Hansen).  The story carried a photo taken in July when I have more layers on than a Man City Midfielder, and thankfully the chin has disappeared in real life, as I hoped it would.

My fellow runners this evening: Gaz, Mick and Frank

Thanks Mick, Gaz and Frank for setting the pace and encouraging me all the way tonight.

Yesterday's run - 6.5 miles
Tonight's run - 7.8 miles

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