Saturday, 16 July 2011

Carolyn makes "Go Faster Food"

Looking out of the window this morning, I knew that if I either stuck to the bare minimum of 6.2 miles or ventured further I'd get soaked to the bone.  Pat sent me a text this morning with news direct from a weather app on his iphone that at 2pm it would be "sunny".  I met him at the agreed 2pm out side the Diggle Hotel, and yes, it was sunny.  Breezy also, but none the less, it was sunny.

We ventured up the boat lane, up to Standedge cutting, and took the Pennine way route along the "Diggle Skyline" and picked up a favourite route of ours, The Cotton Famine Trail - an ancient transport link that was built to give folk jobs due to the "Cotton Famine" during the American Civil War.   It's an impressive view,  one that gives you the immediate feeling that you  are as far away from civilization as it is possible.  The rain lashed us as we made the way back over the moors and headed back towards Diggle.  Soaked to the bone, we completed 9 miles.  Thanks Pat for the company and for setting the pace - a good run.

After showering, I thought Carolyn was out walking the dog, however she was busy baking some energy-boosting treats from Kate Percy's recipe book "Go Faster Food".  What a nice surprise - really thoughtful and they taste great.  Honey, Lime & Ginger Oaties and Chocolate Biscuit Cake.  The oaties can be eaten anytime, however the chocolate biscuit cake is designed to send energy into tired muscles.  Thanks Carolyn!

Kate Percy's book

Oaties and Cake - just what a runner needs!

Does that mean the more I run, the more of these I can have?

Today's run - 9 miles on the nose

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