Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Run 40 is dedicated to Finlay Bloxham

That's 40 in 40 so far.  I treated myself this morning to running the route with the least hills, the Diggle-Friezland road route that is 6.4 miles - I know how to enjoy myself don't I?  This milestone run is dedicated to young Finlay Bloxham, who is just coming up to his first anniversary since being diagnosed with type 1.

Louise Bloxham, Finlay's Mum told me:

"Finlay is 5. His diagnosis date is 24th July 2010 so coming up to our first anniversary.  He will be so excited when I tell him about this dedication! We are doing the Bristol JDRF walk in September and have raised so far just over £900. Not as exhausting as your endeavours but I think 4.5 miles will be a stretch for little legs! 

Louise told JDRF's "1 Campaign" last year:
"Finlay's diagnosis came on the first day of the summer holidays last year. Looking after his diabetes requires constant vigilance, it never goes away, even when he's at school I am thinking about it and hoping he is not high or hypo. I have to weigh his food and work out the carbohydrates and give him his insulin injection. Everything requires planning, even going round to his friend's house for tea presents difficulties. It's hard on the whole family.

Read Louise's JDRF 1 Campaign scrapbook entry:

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