Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dedicating future runs

I mentioned in an earlier post the idea that Colin and Carolyn put to me around deicating a run to someone living with type 1.  Well, it's picked up some momentum this week.  First of all I was in contact with Sarah Brown, who is going to send details and a picture of her son Ryan for a dedication.  I contacted Jon Medcraft at JDRF to see if he could assist with finding anyone else who would like a dedication, and he has sent on four already, which is great.

I've pencilled in dates for these dedications, and hopefully can do a bit more to raise awareness of what it is like living with type-1, especially with young children and the challenges they face, their hopes and fears for the future.  Thanks to Sarah Brown, Louisa Bloxham, Angela Allison, Sabrina Dawe and Teresa Keywood.

Looking at the rain outside, I think flippers rather than trainers are best for today's run...

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