Sunday, 10 July 2011

Diggle Beach

It feels good to reach another mini-milestone.  That's 30 in 30 days now.  I decided to mix road and trail on today's run (7.5 miles) - and took in a big breath of what felt like sea air when I was approaching Brun Clough Resevior from the Pennine Bridleway.  Looking across I noticed how low the water was, and that it has revealed a beach.  I should add that it's hardly resort standard, nor a "secret cove of my own" - however amused me to think that Diggle could ever boast such a landmark.

"Diggle Beach"
Later on this afternoon, I took the dog for a walk back up there to take a few photos of "the beach" and also the landscape that is on a the desent back home from a few of my regular routes.  This morning's sunshine gave way to this afternoon's downpour, so both Meg and I got soaked all in the process of getting a photo for this blog.  What's pretty disappointing is also the drop in the water level has also revealed Brun Clough Resevior as a past flytippers' regular drop off point.  Large industrial gas bottles and the roof from the cab of a lorry were two such items now visible. Let's hope this stops.

From the top of Brun, heading towards the boat lane

The clever sheep keeps dry by not following the others

Mid-way down the boat lane, heading home

Yes..You've got your photos, so can we go home now please?

So by my calculation, I will have completed a third of the challenge by next Wednesday (13th July)...

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