Saturday, 2 July 2011

Running with Colin

Colin Bishop, a friend who is also an experienced runner and coach, got in touch earlier this week to offer moral support and join me on one of my weekend runs.  I have to say that I accepted his offer with a slight degree of nervousness.  Colin has many running acheivements to his name, completing the infamous Bob Graham Round (72 peaks of the Lake District in 24 hours) just being one of these that made me nervous about hitting the peaks with him.  I'm sure he was the original inspiration for the Beano's Billy Whizz.  I was pretty humbled.  Colin is both great company as well as being very encouraging so I took him up on his offer.

I gave the Helly Hansen top and shorts their "maiden voyage" and we set off up the boat lane towards Stanedge Cutting, where the Pennine Way meets the Oldham Way.  Colin said that he would take a few photos of the run for the Saddleworth Runners website, which is being linked to this blog, which I am most grateful for.  I will repay them by joining up and helping out with future races.  Their website is

At one point, Colin filmed me running down a rocky hill which, I suspect if I had tripped arse over head, then he would have submitted to You've Been Framed.  Mind you, decent and honest chap that he is, he would have passed on my cut of the £250.  We carried on the route following the Oldham Way and along the edge of Cattleshaw, back up to Brun Clough and down the boat lane.

It was a great run, topped off by a lovely post-run lunch provided by Carolyn.  The HH top worked very well, all the wicking and technical jargon on the labels did what they said they would.

Thanks again, Colin for your support and compliments on my running.  To be able to keep up with you is enough for me.

Yesterday's run - 6.2 miles
Today's - 7.1 miles

Early run tomorrow, due to commitments at the Diggle School Fete, manning the "Splat the Rat" stall...

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