Monday, 25 July 2011

Today's run is dedicated to Claudia Allison

It's time to say farewell to Liphook and head back north this morning, via Bedfordshire to pick up Carolyn.  We've had a good time away and it's been great catching up with my family, my sister, her partner and my niece, Grace.  Whilst I was down, I met up with some of my oldest mates in London on Saturday evening, they were full of encouragement and wanting to know all about the challenge.  I logged onto the Justgiving site yesterday to see that Nick and Tom have donated £120 which I'm most grateful for.  Along with Louise Bloxham's further donation (Finlay's Mum, run 40's dedication) this takes me to £930 so far - great stuff!

I'm dedicating today's run to Claudia Allison.  Claudia's Mum Allison emailed me last week:

"Claudia was diagnosed with T1 in May 2008, aged 7 years old.  Now 10, she has a pump and cgm.  Diabetes Power is the website I set up in order to raise awareness of Type 1, along with the "Know the Symptoms" Campaign."

Read Angela's JDRF 1 Campaign Scrapbook entry:

Thanks for your hard work, Angela and I'm proud to dedicate today's run to Claudia.

Yesterday's run - 7.1 miles
Today's run - 6.2 miles

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