Friday, 15 July 2011

Going the extra mile

It's a phrase that is often used these days, but perhaps is often used in the wrong context.  Offering your seat to someone elderly or opening a door for someone isn't really going the extra mile - just good manners, really.

A sudden bust of energy saw me break away from the usual routes and venture across to Dobcross and Delph.  I pretty much made up the route on the spot, which considering it wasn't a weekend run ment that I put a fair amount of pressure on myself to clock up the required 6.2 miles without getting hopelessly lost at the same time.  The Broadcaster Stuart Maconie has described all the Saddleworth Villages' names as sounding like Trumpton Firemen  - Delph, Diggle, Dobcross, Denshaw, etc.

It went to plan, and it was a pleasure to take in the early morning views back to Dobcross, then Delph, especially when passing the Albion Farm Shop (home of the best cooked breakfast in Saddleworth, since you ask), then looking out over towards Pots and Pans and Greenfield.

I clocked 7.5 miles this morning, and it felt great to put in more than was required.  As I walked into the office this morning, I passed a sign that read "Will you go the extra mile today?" I smiled to myself - "Already have, thank you".

Yesterday's run - 6.2 miles
Today's run - 7.5 miles

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