Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Half Way Mark

That's 50 done.  It feels good to be able to sit down, take stock and realise that I'm now officially over the half-way mark - or will be after tomorrow's run.

I took advantage of the good weather by running one of my favourite routes - Start at the wonderful Diggle Hotel (Best pint in Saddleworth) up to Standedge Cutting and up to the Trig Point above Castleshaw, round the reservoirs and back home via the boat lane.  I knew that Carolyn was planning a surprise, but I was not expecting a cheering station at the end, complete with JDRF balloons, followed by a nice carb-heavy lunch.  The promised massage was later at 4pm, so I have to take my hat of to Carolyn for making the run one to remember.

Although a variety of my running partners were unable to join me (Pat - Cambridge Folk Festival, Colin - Injured his calf, Gaz - Fractured his wrist), no matter - It was a run I had been looking forward to. 

Spurred on by the good weather and sense of occasion I wore my faithful team Pingu JDRF Vest and set off.  On the decent from the top of the boat lane I was greeted by Carolyn, Jo Taylor and her son Ned cheering and clapping as they came into view.  Again, not wanting to labour the point but I was really touched and have to add here how much a good support Carolyn has been since the challenge started.

Energy boosting cake...

I've just come back from the sports massage that took place at Body and Mind in Mossley and it appears that my leg muscles were not in the knotty mess I presumed they would be in.  It was good and I'll go again before the challenge is over.  They've got a great set up and really friendly, professional staff - there is even a loyalty scheme in place, so I'd recommend it.  Their website is

I dedicate today's run to Ryan Welton (see previous post).

It just leaves me to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me, Jon and Louisa at JDRF, Those who donated to the charity, donated free running gear and discounts, joined me on the runs and offered encouragement - it's very much appreciated and will keep me going through the next 50 runs.

Today's run - 7.6 miles

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