Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Getting closer to the magic number 50

Well, I'm edging closer to the half way mark.  I keep thinking about the route I'll be taking that day, and how I will mark the occasion, given that It falls over a weekend.  Whatever I decide on, it'll be a great feeling to be on the countdown to final half of the challenge.

Last night I was joined on an evening run by both Gareth and Pat, where we ran the "Mossley loop", just over 7 miles from Uppermill, through Greenfield and up to top Mossley and back.  It almost felt like a day off to not get up before 5am to run, and It was cool to have company on the run too, so I'm grateful to both Gareth and  Pat for joining me, and setting a good pace.  I'm toying with asking a group of friends to come on the next evening run, but then it could get a bit "Forest Gump" couldn't it?

Last night's run - 7.2 miles
This morning's - 6.2 miles

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's run, where the countdown to 50 can really start.   It's also the first run I'm dedicating to someone living with type 1.  Step forward young Finlay Bloxham - tomorrow's run is dedicated to you - more in tomorrow's post.

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement so far - it's all appreciated

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