Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pat's back

I'm really pleased.  Pat, my friend and running partner is again fighting fit and we can pick up where we left off with the weekend runs.  Pat was laid up with a virus in the second week in June, leading him to miss out on all the excitment that is Whit Friday and Beerwalk day.  We went out last night (I had already completed my run in the morning), but couldn't resist getting back onto a different route and easing Pat back into the running. We went to Dobcross and back, and vented fury at the tough day's we'd had in our respective workplaces, and the latest on the News of the World.

I've agreed that I shall drop a few of the morning runs so we can do the minimum 6.2 miles (and maybe more) for evening runs to benefit the both of us - sounds good to me.  Whilst I've had music and morning sunrises to keep me going on the morning runs, I can't help feeling happier to have a bit of company to avoid this challenge becoming a slog, so welcome back, Pat - you've been missed!

Yesterday's run - 6.2 miles
Today's run - 6.5 miles

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