Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quarter complete

Well, that's a quarter of the challenge completed.  Not that I'm getting carried away or anything, but it's good to reflect on the last few weeks and approach these milestones as pretty good achievements.

After Saturday's run, Colin and Carolyn suggested that I could start to dedicate future runs to those affected by Type-1 Diabetes, to help raise awareness and take the challenge out of the blog every once in a while - they have a point.  That's in essence what the fundraising is all about - raising money for the research and awareness of Type-1, and why the research is so vital, how it affects the children and their families on a day to day basis.  I've contacted Sarah Brown, who has agreed to send me a profile of her son Ryan, who is about to turn 18 - and how they have coped with his diabetes since he was diagnosed, and the trials of getting him fitted with an automatic insulin pump.  Jon from JDRF will also give some thought to how I can profile other Children and Parents to dedicate runs to them as well.

For an idea of what those living with type-1experience, take a look at the scrapbook that the JDRF put together (with contributions from the families) at  www.jdrf1campaign.org.uk

My work-mates continue to be ever-supportive and I'd like to give thanks to Faye, Richard and Charlotte for making the display that keeps everyone in the office updated on how the challenge is progressing.  It also saves me from pestering them by email, truth be told.

The story went into the Saddleworth Independent today - It's a free newspaper that is published on a monthly basis.  I'm very grateful not only for the article but also to use a different picture that shows me with hair and less of a chin.  Lesson 1 - choose an old photo for these things...

I've also had a good response from Rainbow Running, who make a good range of technical running wear, their website is http://www.rainbowrunning.com/ - they are sending on one of their running tops, so big thanks to Michael Naimski for emailing me this evening.  Now I could do with a spare set of road trainers as a back up...

Sunday's run (hot hot hot!) - 7.1 miles
Monday's run  - 6.2 miles
Tuesday's Run - 6.3 miles (run 25)


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