Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thirty Three makes a Third

It perhaps is only natural to make mini-milestones on a challenge such as this.  By breaking down the progress in this way, it helps to take away the exhuasting thought that I have to do twice as much as I already have done.  It's pleasing then, to note that at 33 runs, I'm a third of the way through my challenge.

Thank you to Bek and Ruth's Auntie Margaret for her dontation on my justgiving page today, also to SweatShop, who have offered me a 15% discount on the next pair of running trainers I purchase.  Their website is

I was also pleased to get an encouraging email from Louisa at the JDRF Press Office today to offer further support, and help generate another wave of publicity during the last week of the challenge leading up to the Bupa Great North Run. 

Onwards and Upwards.

Monday - 6.2 miles
Tuesday - 6.3 miles
Today - 6.3 miles

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