Friday, 22 July 2011

If in doubt...try a new route

The pressure was off this morning.  We are visiting my Mum and Dad, so I knew I could start this morning's run a little later and perhaps try a new route without having to rush back to get ready for work.  I am officially on holiday until next Tuesday.  That's holiday from work, not the running, by the way.

As I made my way down Sam Road and onto Huddersfield Road, my mind was racing - should I stick to one of the 6.2 mile "easy" routes, or should I throw caution to the wind and try a new, longer route?  I kind of did both - thinking I would do the new route that passes Albion Farm Shop.  Instead of dropping down Wall Hill Road (in the words of Forest Gump), I kept going...

I ran to Scouthead, dropping down Platting Road, looking for "a great quiet road" according to Patrick, who advised me of this route when we were out last week.  I turned down Lovers Lane and realised that I didn't know where I was.  A lovely splash of sunshine met me on Burnedge Road and I noticed local hills Pots and Pans and Alphin, so I just followed them.  It felt great to be on almost the shoulder of another hill, Wharmton as I took this country lane down into Dobcross and made my way back to Diggle.

I've had a really nice email from Julia Roebuck, who has an 18 month old boy, Alexander who was diagnosed with type 1 aged just 11 months.  Julia and her husband grew up in Saddleworth, living in Greenfield, however now live down in Exeter.  They came across the blog via a link on Twitter - Thanks for your kind words of enthusiasm, Julia and I'll be honoured to dedicate a future run for young Alexander.

On the downside, I've lost one of my running partners for at least 4 weeks.  Gareth has fratured his left wrist whilst playing football on Wednesday evening.  Chin up, Gaz and we'll pick up the runs when the plaster is off.  I really feel for him, as that's 4 weeks out of action, with only 8 weeks to go until the Great North Run.

Making my way down to Liphook in about an hour's time - I've already got a route planned for the runs down south.

Yesterday's Run - 6.2 miles
Today's run - 8.1 miles

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