Thursday, 28 July 2011

More Cow strife leads to an extended run

It's not funny anymore, this.  For the second time during the challenge, I've been up and over Cattleshaw on the Oldham Way only to be scared off the bridle path by these grumpy black cows.  I set off to do the bare minimum of 6.2 miles yesterday evening and all was going well until I approached that particular stretch of bridle path then two graving cows stopped me in my tracks...again (see run 14).  I followed a different path that brought me out on to Friarmere - all very nice, but miles out from where I wanted to be.

I soon found my way back to the other side of the bridle path and continued the route, albeit 3-4 miles out of my way.  I arrived home to find a note from Carolyn telling me that although she was out Jake and the Meg the dog, I should ring her as she was concerned as to where I was.  I tried blaming those retched cows, but that cut no ice.  Let's be honest it all sounds a bit far fetched...

I think Carolyn is planning a massage (from a professional, not her unfortunately) for me on Saturday as a reward for reaching 50 not out.  Colin Bishop should be joining me for the run on the day, with his wife Jennifer to take some celebratory photos.

Thanks to Mark Kenyon, Louise Bloxham and Jo Donvaband for the kind sponsorship on the justgiving page over the past couple of days.  £40 away from £1000 and half way through the challenge - brilliant!

Tuesday's run - 7 miles
Wednesday's run - 9.8 miles
Today's run - 6.2 miles

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