Saturday, 9 July 2011


A thought about the daily runs struck me this week.  What if I continued to side with caution and continued the runs on the road at an "easy pace" ?  Part of me says this is sensible, the other part says I should dispense with any idea of "playing it safe" and up the pace on every 3rd run.  This will ensure I notice the progress I'm making and be in with a good chance for a good time In Newcastle on the 18th September.  That's not to say I'm "Captain Slow" or anything - it's just something for me to consider, once I hit 30 runs tomorrow.  Having said that, I really went for it on yesterday's run - and noticed I'm getting faster when I want to be.

I'd like to offer some more "thank-you's" - first of all to Brendan Rooney, who is based in our Edinburgh office.  Brendan heard about the 100 runs through one of the SME's who have been working on a project and been spending time up there.  Brendan decided to fundraise for the JDRF by completing the Barrathon - Half Marathon around the Isle of Barra.  He did this last weekend, with a finishing time of 2 hrs, pipped by his brother by 30 mins - I'm really grateful to him - thanks Brendan.

Next "thank-you" goes to Michael from Rainbow Running, as he sent 2 of their long sleeve running tops in the post (see photo below). Thank you's are also due to Sophia Cannelli and Sarah Brown for their donations on my Justgiving site, My mate Paul Edwards for nice words of encouragement in his letter this morning, and Pat for the company and encouragement on this afternoon's off-road run. I forgot to thank Geoff and Jan at the Diggle Hotel for keeping the Helly Hansen box for me when the courier needed a signature. Richard Jones, Editor of the Saddleworth News Website has also put another post online to spread the word about be reaching 25 runs this week - thanks for this.  Last of all to Carolyn for putting up with me getting up so early, and for making the best smoothies a runner could want.

Friday's run - Diggle - Friezland - Greenfield - Higher Arthurs - Uppemill - Dobcross - Home - 6.5 miles
Today's run - Diggle - Standedge - Oldham Way - Cattleshaw Res - Pennine Bridlepath - Diggle - Home
8 miles

Looking forward to hitting the 30th tomorrow...

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