Sunday, 17 July 2011

Get moving

I've been using the weekends to get away from the "routine" of very early starts and road running, switching to later runs, with company (my running parnter Pat) and swapping asphalt for the fells.  This worked a treat yesterday, however I was determined to pay close attention to my pace per mile on this morning's run.  I set off at 6am on the dot and decided to get weaving whilst there was a let up in the monsoon that's been ever-present in the district since Friday night.

All was going pretty well, clocking on average 8m 20 secs per mile, according to the GPS.  I had to find a secluded spot for a very quick toilet break, however my pace was broken by not one but two seperate lorries of workmen I met along stretches of the A62.  They must have come in from Oldham, in need of directions to a place called Diggle (followed by a chuckle). I must have the kind of face that says "Stop me, please - I'm happy to give you directions..."

I'm also betting Usain Bolt dosen't get this on his daily runs.

I was running the new route I made up on the spot on Friday.  On the way back along Dobcross New Road, I treated myself by leaving the pavement by the Newbank Garden Centre and joining the "Delph Donkey" and back along the canal side to Diggle, and home.  Whilst ever so slightly shorter than Friday's route, it still came in at just over 7 miles.

One of the local Micro-breweries, Greenfield Real Ale produces top quality real ales, one of them is named after the Railway Line that used to connect Oldham and Greenfield to the Huddersfield line.  It closed in 1955, and the "Delph Donkey" trail is where that line used to be.  The Greenfield Brewery ales are sold on site or in local outlets as well as selected pubs. 

I'm going to suggest to Pat that we reward ourselves with a tour of the brewery when the challenge is over.  Visit the site at

Today's run - 7.1 miles

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  1. Mmmmmm Delph Donkey....... Tasty effort Tom. Keep it up!